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Spring Home Must Do's

May 9th, 2014 1:38 PM by Rob Robbins

This is going to be a short message but an important one. Spring is here and we all get busy doing a lot of things other than taking care of our home. Several of you have spring cleaning projects and landscaping dreams. Reality hits when you go out to clean up the yard for that first mowing.

It is no different for your home.
-Crawl space vents need to be opened and make sure nothing is blocking the vent.
-Make sure the screens on the vents do not have holes in them.
-Creepy but you should go under your home to make sure there are no leaks or rain water coming in.
-Gutters need cleaned. This is the rainy season.
-Gutters should divert water away from your home.
-Soil or flower beds should slope away from your foundation.
-Window screens may need repaired
-Basements - check all those corners you do not see every day to make sure there is no moisture getting in or mildew from poor ventilation such as basement closets & storage areas.
-Make sure your water softener is working so you are not wasting electricity and salt.
-If you know there are termites on your property you should have your home inspected once a year.
-Trim bushes and tree limbs away from your home. Much easier now then when they have had the summer to grow.
-Landscaping really makes a home look nice. Keep all plants away from your siding and do not get dirt up to your siding.
-Mowing your yard is important to keep critters out of your home.

That should keep you busy the rest of the spring. Have fun and enjoy your home.


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Posted by Rob Robbins on May 9th, 2014 1:38 PM



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