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Buyer and Seller Patience

January 21st, 2010 4:46 PM by Rob Robbins

We have been so busy we have not kept you informed the last few months.

Today, I am encouraging you as buyers and sellers that we are getting properties sold. It is just taking longer. The foreclosure market and short sale markets are alive and well. The mortgage holders are so busy they can not keep up even in our market.

Buyers, to get a great deal on a foreclosure property or a short sale you need 60 to 120 days of time before you must close on the property. If you can not wait that long they will not work for you. It does not matter whether you have cash, 20% down or financing 100%. It does not matter if you can close in a week or need 30 days to close. The mortgage holders can only move so fast. Don't be frustrated and mad. Either you have the flexibility to wait or you don't. If you do not have time, purchase property that is seller owned and seller negotiated. You may be surprised the deal you can get and meet your time frame.

Sellers, if you want to sell your home you have two choices. 1) price the home competitive and wait. 2) price the home aggressive and offer incentives to the buyer. Our market over the past several months has proved if your home appears to be a great deal it will attract buyers. If you do not have buyers looking at your home then it is not priced attractive. If you have buyers going through your home and not making offers then it is not ready for showing. Sellers, I can not say this loud enough. You home must appear to have a great price on your home and have it in better condition for the money than anyone elses. If you have a home that needs updating or remodeling price it that way.

We had a good year in 2009 because we had sellers that did what it took to sell and buyers that did what was needed to buy.

Have a great day!





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Posted by Rob Robbins on January 21st, 2010 4:46 PM



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